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2024 Charter Review

The Austin Charter Review Commission seeks to update the City's governing document to reflect current legal standards, governance practices, and community needs. The Commission will engage the public, review processes, and propose amendments to ensure transparency, functionality, and legal compliance. In late spring, Commission proposals, along with any staff recommendations, will be presented to Council for consideration.  Council-approved amendments will be placed on the November 2024 ballot. 



Understanding the Austin City Charter: A Citizen's Guide

The Austin City Charter is a key document that explains how Austin is managed and governed. It is essentially a constitution for the city, and here's why it's essential for Austin residents:

City Government Structure:

The Charter sets up how the City government is organized. It explains the roles of the mayor, the City Council, and the City Manager, and describes how different City departments work.

Community Participation:

The Charter outlines the rights and duties of Austin's residents. It shows how residents can be involved in the City's decision-making through voting, making new proposals, or participating in referendums.

Legal Framework for City Laws:

All the City's laws and policies have to follow the Charter. This ensures that the laws are legally sound and meet the needs of the residents.

Managing City Finances:

The Charter explains how the City's budget is created and managed, including how taxes are collected and spent. This affects various public services and the overall quality of life in Austin.

Local Autonomy and Flexibility:

The Charter allows Austin some freedom to make its own decisions within the broader framework of Texas law. The Charter can also be updated to better fit the changing needs and preferences of the community.

Ensuring Transparency and Responsibility:

The Charter establishes clear procedures and rules, which helps in making the City government transparent and accountable. This means that residents can better understand and influence what the City government does and hold it responsible.

Understanding the Austin City Charter is important because it helps residents know how their City government works and how they can be involved, plus it ensures that the City responds to their needs. It's a vital tool for ensuring good governance and community involvement in Austin.


Get Involved!

Do you have ideas for how we can better engage the community or want to share feedback that was not captured in the survey? 

There are several options for community members to provide feedback regarding the review process. Take a look at a few of the options below!