Sound Assessment and Disclosure Requirements

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The City of Austin strives to balance creating an environment in which Austin’s live music and nightlife scene can thrive while enacting practices that ensure a healthy quality of life for community residents. In 2018, Mayor & Council approved Resolution No. 20181018-038, which directs the City Manager to propose programs, rules, and ordinances necessary to improve compatibility between residents, lodging establishments, and music-related businesses.  

The Development Services Department is seeking your feedback on recommendations that would require residential and hotel developments within 600 feet of an outdoor music venue and within 300 feet of a performance venue to conduct a sound assessment and disclose that there is a venue nearby and that a sound assessment has been completed to future residents when they sell or lease units. Residential development applicants will be required to complete the sound assessment during the site plan review process.  

Relevant Definitions: 

Outdoor Music Venue: commercial properties where sound equipment is used to amplify sound that is not fully enclosed by permanent, solid walls and a roof. 

Performance Venue: use is the use of a site for presentation of plays, motion pictures, or other performances that includes the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises. This use also includes live music performance.  

Hotel: site for the provision of rooms for temporary lodging. This use includes hotels, motels, and transient boarding houses. 

Residential: occupancy of living accommodations on a non-transient basis. Residential uses exclude institutional living arrangements providing 24-hour skilled nursing or medical care and those providing forced residence, including mental hospitals and prisons. 

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Timeline for Code Amendment Process (subject to change)

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