About Surveys

SpeakUpAustin is taking a poll of public opinion and needs your help. Complete the surveys on this page to contribute your opinion and help shape an initiative in your community.

This survey has been prepared to measure the level of pet friendliness in Austin and will take less than one minute to complete 

How Do We Treat Low-Income Defendants Fairly?

The City of Austin is hosting a community meeting to discuss fair treatment of those defendants who are unable to pay fines assessed to them in Municipal or Downtown Austin Community Court. We want your feedback as we shape new policy


The Austin City Council hopes to provide supervised children’s activities at the public meetings it hosts.  This survey is designed for anyone who cares for children under 13 years old (parent, guardian, etc.).  This survey will help the City understand the community’s needs and wishes to ensure it can provide the right kinds of services to families with children.  Thanks for your participation!