Children's Participation in Community Meetings


The Austin City Council hopes to provide supervised children’s activities at the public meetings it hosts.  This survey is designed for anyone who cares for children under 13 years old (parent, guardian, etc.).  This survey will help the City understand the community’s needs and wishes to ensure it can provide the right kinds of services to families with children.  Thanks for your participation!

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How frequently have you wanted to attend a public meeting or event hosted by the City of Austin and you could not attend?

How frequently has the lack of childcare prevented you from attending a public meeting held by the City?

How old are your children? (check all that apply)

Do you have any children whom you would consider bringing to a meeting who are not yet potty-trained?

Relating to persons or groups taking care or supervising your child, how important is it to have a child care provider licensed by the state of Texas, as opposed to a babysitter referred to you by someone you trust?

How important is it to have educational activities provided to your children when they are being supervised?

How important is it to have activities that cater to your child’s age?

If child care and activities were provided would you be more likely to attend a public meeting?

What activities would you like to be provided (check all that apply)?

(Optional) What City Council District do you live in?