A Lot of major cities have Ramp Meters to help control congestion on highways. With Austin growing at the rate it is and especially with our growing traffic issues we could use all the help we can get. Ramp Meters also known as a Ramp Signal or Metering Lights is a device similar to traffic lights that control the merging traffic onto highways by spacing out the number of cars that merge, lessening the density on IH 35 and improving the flow of traffic.

We would've passed comprehensive light rail in 2000 had it been a municipal vote rather than countywide, and that's probably not going to change -- why would the rest of Travis County pay for us to have light rail? Perhaps we can reorganize CapMetro to be municipal rather than countywide so that we can finally pass light rail as a city without the rest of the county voting it down.

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I urge the city of Austin to condemn the president's executive order to put a hold on immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries. Our economy depends on innovation, much of which is generated by foreign-born engineers and business people. I have worked in various high tech companies, with a high proportion of people from the targeted countries. I can say without a doubt that product developement would go much slower without their contributions.

Robert Rivera, Just a local resident of this beautiful city. 8 months ago

Dear Public Works :

To reduce traffic fatalities in the city of Austin I feel we need merge lane signs. Austin, Texas is the only city I have been to in America where I have not seen any merge lane signs or symbols on the road that indicate a lane is merging. I feel the lack of merge lane signs is a public safety issue and threat to motorist.

I have lived in Austin only a year and I have witnessed many horrible accidents on the road simple due to the fact no warning or indicator exist that a lane is going to merge. The lack of signs and transparency of a merging lane creates a tense atmosphere on the highways and streets of Austin especially when its raining and all of a sudden lanes merge at high speeds with no notice.

The city of Austins population is still growing and with this come more accidents. The lack of merge lane signs poses harm to the families and the people of Austin and I hope this issue in the future will be confronted so we can keep our streets safe.I do not mean to step on anyone's toes but I feel that if we do not tackle this issue that in the future we could be creating more of a work load for fire dept. EMS and police as the population grows in these next few years.

While there is money to be made in accidents for the city and state and federal government and the corporations running hospitals we should never compromise the safety of drivers for a mere buck. If there is a lack of road improvement I feel that our contributory negligence to these road hazards will one day stain the conscious of those that knew they could of worked more to protect our community. Respectively submitted.


Robert Rivera

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Alfredo De La Cruz 9 months ago

Since Austin is a mostly a liberal city, most Austinites would agree that a free college education would only help our country progress. Nonetheless, this city alone can't change this national problem. What we can do, however, is make sure these concerns about our educational system are heard by politicians, so that they are aware that this is a major issue that negatively affects not only liberals but the nation as a whole.

Damien Bryson 11 months ago

I noticed the iron ground covers at the base of some trees are too small and the trees are being choked. Please upgrade these or put stones down like in other areas.

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I awoke at 7am to the sounds of loud drilling machinery and trucks beeping this Saturday on the property directly across the street. After a week of work and working with a mild case of PTSD, the idea of enduring 1-2 years of this is very distressing. After some research, it seems that Austin has one of the least progressive policies on residential construction noise. There is a cost to quality of life with this obsession with building multiple houses on tiny lots.

Basel, Switzerland and a number of other cities have a hospitality tax that is paid on any overnight stay at a hotel, motel, short term rental, etc. Each guest receives a pass that gives unlimited access to public transit options for the time of the stay. This increases ridership, promotes sustainable methods of getting around, keeps car off the roads (especially ones with people who don't know their way around), and it helps subsidize the public transit networks for those who live here full-time.

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It would be nice to have a permanent farmer's market with some baked and cooked food vendors, all local and small. Maybe have all vendors "mobile", so that the stalls change from farmer's market and coffee/breakfst vendors in the morning, to "to-go" cooked food/snacks/ice cream vendors in the afternoon and evening (like the trailer vendors, but in stalls). A deck, maybe partially covered, would extend the space and allow people to go eat outside and allow for more vendors inside.

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As Austin continues to grow it is losing its weirndess.  As a born and raised Austinite, it breaks my heart, and we need to figure out how to accommodate a growing popoulation. How do we keep unoffical landmarks and businesses that have been here for years, still standing?  Austin has very little physical history and more and more that is not considered "official" landmarks are being lost to construction and high property taxes everyday. Ideas are welcome!!!! Help save the Austin we TRUE Austinites know and love!!

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Idea - During the hours of 7 -9 am and 4 - 6 pm, all trucks traveling on I-35 should be forced to use the left lane.

Reason 1: It is estimated that 70% of eighteen wheeler traffic coming from the south (San Antonio)  does not make a stop in Austin/Round Rock. Why would we then subject them to driving in the center and far right lanes where vehiclular traffic is entering/exiting the highway? If trucks stayed to the left during peak traffic hours, they could stop and start at their own slower pace and it would prevent vehiclular traffic from having to enter the highway from the on ramp and move over 3 lanes to the far left. This would prevent cars from cutting in front of trucks on I-35 thus slowing down traffic flow. The center lane would be for faster moving vehicular traffic with the right lane designated for entering and exiting traffic.

Reason 2: In the case of a truck breaking down on I-35 during peak traffic hours, it would prevent the breakdown occuring in the center or right lane which prevents traffic from entering or exiting I-35 or forces traffic in the center lane to merge right or left. If the truck breaks down in the left lane, vehicular traffic in the center and right lanes are thus unaffected, and if need be, the right hand shoulder could be opened up to help with the flow of stalling traffic.

Reason 3:

Since the left lane has little to no shoulder (in places like north of Riverside or downtown/UT) simple re-striping of I-35 could use existing shoulder on the right (just a few existing feet) and increase lane spacing for trucks in the far left lane to be used during peak hours.

Reason 4:

This proposal is cheap, requires only posting a few signs in preparation of the modification, and could be implemented right away on a trial basis. I would predict at least a 30% improvement in traffic flow could be witnessed right away.

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Joni Dickson over 4 years ago

Downtown Austin could use more family attractions - A Giant Carousel would be a great addition to the city. A small candy factory (specialty gummies, chocolate, other), a Locally Owned Toy Store, an Aquarium, etc..  Downtown Austin houses a multitude of Bars, Retail Businesses, Offices & Upscale Restaurants; however, there is not much for families, especially those with younger children.

We have a park (no playground) downtown, a small childrens museum and a splash fountain as the largest family attractions, outside of events.

Austin is a great  family friendly city, yet there is very little for families to do downtown...

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Ted W almost 5 years ago

In Sweeden they made a garbage can with sensors that plays the whistling sound of the garbage dropping a very long distance before it hits the bottom. It's been dubbed 'The World's Deepest Garbage Can.' An interesting side effect is that people deposit more garbage in this can than other nearby cans. Also it's been observed people will pickup garbage in the area just to hear the sound. It might be a weird thing to have in our parks. It might encourage people to actually pickup litter.



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To follow in the footsteps of our sister, Portland, Austin should create a system that allows residents to compost from their kitchen, to the curb. 

Specifics of how PDX does it can be found on their site: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/56513

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A center or home where the homeless and or jobless in the City of Austin can use for both shelter and assistance in finding work based on their current education leve. 

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Like Chicago, create a rail that runs in between N and S I 35 that has platform stops. It would relieve so much traffic! Create an above ground rail in between N and S 35!

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70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

Following the recent news stories about the sale by restaurants, grocery stores and school cafeterias of meals containing "pink slime" beef products, the City of Austin should require an end to the sale of such products within city limits and to our public school students.

Further, the city should enforce penalties on businesses who continue the use and sale of such products, which are misleadingly advertised and sold as "beef."

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Dale Dale over 5 years ago

The bag ban should include an exemption allowing for biodegradable bags that break down in the land fill and in the environment.  By encouraging the use of these bags the demand would drive development of even better biodegradable bags and could start a trend for their replacement of non-degradable bag use around the country and around the world making a huge impact on the environment.  This also would allow retailers to have a better option for their customers.

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When I lived in Kansas, credit was given to residents when trash wasn't picked up each and every week. Since I consume mostly whole foods, grow some of my own foods, compost, recycle, use recycled shopping bags, carry my own water bottle etc, etc... I produce VERY little trash. Usually, I only put out one bag per month yet am charged the same as someone that puts out trash four times per month. There should be a better system to reward those whom are eco-conscious and live simple.

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City code and health codes should be changed to make it easy for Austin citizens to legally reuse our graywater for outside watering. The biggest waste of our drinking water is outside irrigation for landscaping. Let us reuse our bath and sink water to water the plants! This would provide a much bigger water savings than not serving water in restaurants, for example. In conjunction with water restrictions, the city should make it easier for us to repurpose our graywater, so that we conserve even more of our potable water.

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