Manu, I have not tried to get a copy (and my German and French are terrible). Visitors obtain the passes as part of the check in process. You get your hotel room key and a ticket that gets you on the bus/train system for the duration of your stay. I have only seen it from the tourist side and it worked really well - no idea about the back of house organization... I am totally with you that frequency and convenience of routes are paramount to a successful transit system and would naturally make visitors more likely to use it. Still, there is already a hotel tax that goes to the creative arts programs and some other programs so adding a few dollars would likely not be noticed on the bill. The main benefits of this model are that they increase ridership - making public transit something that is used by all and not just those that can't afford a car (increasing the cool factor), and it brings a steady stream of money to the system. It may not work for AirBnB style rentals, but I think it would be feasible for hotel guests in the CBD.