We would've passed comprehensive light rail in 2000 had it been a municipal vote rather than countywide, and that's probably not going to change -- why would the rest of Travis County pay for us to have light rail? Perhaps we can reorganize CapMetro to be municipal rather than countywide so that we can finally pass light rail as a city without the rest of the county voting it down.

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This would allow more of their collection to be on display, and we would cherish access to such art -- everyone wins! The Menil: https://www.menil.org/

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It causes traffic to back up into the intersection, e.g., III Forks' valet parking causes vehicles to back up into the intersection of Lavaca St and W Cesar Chavez St.

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It's unsafe how close people park to intersections in neighborhoods such as Bouldin and Dawson -- drivers can't see oncoming traffic around these parked vehicles, and sometimes people drive pretty fast in these neighborhoods.

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He went to UT-Austin, and there's an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on this street. It would also be an easy change -- just remove the "t" from "West."

Our street names should make people feel welcome, safe, and accepted in our city.

There are no sidewalks, but lots of parking kiosks-- really? Rainey is now as significant a bar district as 6th Street downtown and should likewise be closed during bar-hopping hours. Drunk people wandering in the street and encouraging people to drive to a bar district doesn't seem like the best idea. How about improving transit service to the area and running buses late enough to get people home safely when bars close?

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Fran’s Hamburgers' iconic drive-in at 1822 South Congress Ave closed April 7, 2013, and the property is still vacant. The beloved food trailer park on the 16th block of South Congress was displaced May 27, 2013, to make room for a new hotel. Austin should buy the Fran’s Hamburgers lot and lease to food trucks; as a drive-in it is already set up to cater to food trucks, a segment of Austin's economy that has attracted much national attention of late.

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Detroit Institute of Arts is the second largest municipally owned museum in the United States, with an art collection valued at more than one billion dollars, but Detroit's emergency financial manager is considering selling its artwork to raise funds for the city's debt. Austin has money but no great art collection, so Austin should offer to lease and maintain the collection until Detroit recovers financially; both cities win.

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