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I would like to see the city take initiative and fix potholes and bad roads without being prompted. I understand you can call 311 to get potholes fixed within 24 hours. That does not mean the responsibility of fixing roads should be transferred to the citizen. Take some initiative austin and fix the countless BAD roads in this city that are messing up my car. Riverside drive alone has so many potholes and uneven raised surfaces. I am paying a monthly charge in my utility bill every month for roads yet you do nothing. Please and thank you!

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In all these policy discussions, we should get beyond "there ought to be a law." Rules need to be enforced, which bring all sorts of costs, rarely outweighed by any fines levied. So slow down speeders with speed bumps, encourage cross-walk use with pedestrian bump-outs, etc. In other words, provide some immediate, obvious benefit to the individual for the desired behavior, rather than a low probability risk of rule enforcement fines. The same applies to building codes, event procedures, et al. Figure out ways to reward good behavior, not just ways to rule and try to punish bad behavior.

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Les do this

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A recent KUT article http://kut.org/post/proposal-calls-hotel-tax-revenue-support-more-tourist-affected-destinations

".. Austin residents are no strangers to big events, but all those visitors can take a toll on the city’s infrastructure .. A lot of these things are things that we’re currently funding through property taxes, so if hotel occupancy taxes can be used, then it can relieve some pressure on the general fund and ultimately help lower property taxes .."

Amen to that .. when your property tax is DOUBLE your Federal Income Tax, something is out of whack

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How about the idea that residents should not have to pay to use libraries. The Briscoe Center for American History just announced you will have to pay to park to do research, and the closest parking lot is half a mile away. The Austin History Center and Austin Library is down to one (1) free day a week. Ditto other "cultural instituions": The Harry Ransom Center, the Blanton Museum and the Texas Memorial Museum. The taxes to live here go up, up, up, and amenities to even basics like library access go down, down, down. This is not the direction Austin should be going.

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Cindy Chism 10 months ago

I want to be clear I am not a user of any illegal drugs. We need to legalize marijuana in our city, and tax the heck out of it. Use the funds for only two things 1) more "neighborhood" police officers to help cut down on all of the house and car break ins across the city and 2) LOWER PROPERTY TAXES TO INCREASE AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND HOME OWNERSHIP.

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AFFORDABLE HOUSING ISSUES: Many of us own well taken care of small apartment complexes that are currently affordable housing. However we are having to raise our rental prices due to the rising taxes, which then will move these apartments out of the affordable housing range. We need to consider tax breaks for habitable apartments that are low income, and stop funding the slum lords of the city. We also need help these small affordable housing providers with grants to help them improve properties with things like separate water meters in order to keep the rent in the affordable housing range. If not, these units will start disappearing (a lot already have). In addition the city of Austin has an agreement with outside trash vendors. Small apartment owners have to use expensive vendors for trash for the city of Austin, which again pushes cost to the renter and again is another cause for low income housing going away. Let's do away with those agreements and allow low income housing providers to use the Austin less expensive trash service. All of these things will help the good providers continue to be able to provide low income housing.

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I am from Florida, one thing I've noticed since moving here, there are almost no indicators that the land you are in is going to merge later. I do not know the exact numbers but it seemed like on slower roads (under 40mph) you got a 200 ft warning before the merge even started, on medium (41-55) it was 400 ft, and higher than that, it was like half a mile. Not just small signs on the side of the road either, big arrows on the assault with big letters that read "merge ahead" or "Lane ending." This will help with traffic and accidents.

We need some form offtiny housing. Either it be thing apartments or houses. With the current housing, there are a lot of people who are subletting on a sublet making them pretty much invisible and unaccounted for. Before denying the idea, watch Kristen Dirksen's videos on YouTube (link to an AUSTIN idea. https://youtu.be/3jF9ftC6U0Y) if we move people from sublets, we can move family into those homes

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Public Service announcements on how to react when approached by police officers for both police and civilians. Role play in the classrooms at an early age on how to react respectfully. How to react, how not to react. Most people do not consider this until it happens.

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