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Many citizens park along the turn around on Mopac south of 360 in order to enjoy Barton Creek. This area attracts vehicular vandalism. APD could post some officers here to protect the parking area especially in the summer and on weekends.

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CityWorks Academy is a unique opportunity for Austin residents to learn about the City's government processes, its procedures and the people who deliver those services.

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Please put an end to the west downtown train horn blaring every night! If you live in West Austin, you will be familiar with the train horn blaring through your house, I myself have put up with it for many years. This train horn is activated because of the low volume grade crossings at Pressler street and Paul street. This could easily become a railroad quiet zone until the street is improved in line with the Pressler Street Extension Project.


American kids keep dying a gruesome death: they are baked alive while being trapped in hot cars, and something MUST be done to stop the slaughter.

www.never4get.us is the most reliable and affordable forget-me-not/lifesaver and it’s designed by a Texan: Me. It’s high time to stop just doing the body count of kids and pets being baked alive every year and implement an intelligent solution.

As an Austinite I’d love if this product would be manufactured in Texas (in Austin it would be even better). It would save lives, create jobs and bring taxes for our state.

Texas is a state with great universities, minds and entrepreneurs, but, unfortunately – although it is not the largest, nor most populous or hottest US state -- it is the US state with the most heatstroke deaths of children forgotten in vehicles (see the appalling numbers at http://noheatstroke.org/state.htm ), which is an inadmissible black eye for this great state.

Texas deserves – and has all it needs -- to be a pioneer in solving this problem.

So how about we organize a contest for Austin residents/businesses (since I make this suggestion on “Speak Up Austin”) or, even better, for the whole Texas, pick up the best concept and show the country and the world how we can FIX a problem rather than whining about it?

Dan Mimis Happy 4th of July!

Because SpeakUp does not accept graphics, I have to provide a link. My comments on the CodeNEXT Household Prescription can be found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2_qS8rhVYnsbmJ2NU1GTFJpQzg

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Because SpeakUp will not accept any graphics, I have to provide a link. My comments on the CodeNEXT Natural and Built Environment Prescription can be found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2_qS8rhVYnsSXRNSURVeTVramM

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Idea: Bussing

Pete Rivera 9 months ago

We need multiple bus corridors rrunning east to west.

Most of the highway frontage roads and major commercial roads have speed limits of 55 or more and cars regularly going 60 or 70 across all lanes. This includes the lanes where you have to slow to near zero or start from zero to enter a driveway into a business. I'm sure I'm not the only one that regularly witnesses swerves, near-misses, and perennial back-upped traffic because of this. It makes no sense to have a 65 mph lanes of traffic next to driveways all around town. What I propose is that the outside lane on all these boulevards and frontage roads be limited to 40 mph and clearly painted on the street, so they are for turning, entering, exiting, and merging into and out of the faster lanes.

Free events to help teens learn about how and why it is important to take care of our parks, our water and greenbelt. Why it is important to pick up after their pets, how graffiti cost the city and get them out hiking and exploring our trails😊 Teens seem to be left on their own to entertain themselves, it might take the parents getting involved. It has to. E something fun!! There is soooo much for little kids to do in this city, but not for teenagers.

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