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You could change the law that says if you let someone stay one night with you they now have tenant rights and you have to evict them. Ridiculous. Makes zero sense.

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You can have road signs that are neon and make sense. Like give warning a lane is dedicated to a turn much prior to the the inability to switch lanes and write an arrow on the ground. You could use reflective street paint and more reflectors so that when it rains people can see the road. You can say on the 35 that there is an upper and lower part of the same freeway. You can not put a notice of a toll lane for the left lane in the right lane. You can update the GPS system because every street has 4 names and the GPS constantly offers something that is not on the signs.

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I awoke at 7am to the sounds of loud drilling machinery and trucks beeping this Saturday on the property directly across the street. After a week of work and working with a mild case of PTSD, the idea of enduring 1-2 years of this is very distressing. After some research, it seems that Austin has one of the least progressive policies on residential construction noise. There is a cost to quality of life with this obsession with building multiple houses on tiny lots.

They call it reversible lanes. 3 or 4 lanes to move in direction of prevailing traffic, north in the morning and south in the evening. No need for a wider road but plenty of new lights and painted stripes. Here are some examples on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reversible_lane#Entire_roadway_routinely_reversed

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Ted W 8 months ago

I've been seeing a few of these electric Zero Motorcycles around town. The company also customizes for police and security use. I think it would be great if City of Austin, particularly the police department, consider evaluating these for use. They could be used for motorcycle patrol or upgrade the bicycle force. They have a top speed of 100 mph and range of 189 miles, which seems to be equal to most performance motorcycles. They have no emissions so they can be used indoors. They are very quiet so they can be stealthy. There is significantly less maintenance and operating cost than gasoline power. It will help obtain the city goal of carbon neutrality by 2020. http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/fleet/police/

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Austin needs an honest Police Chief who actually respects the law and doesn't throw out the Penal Code, if he ever had one, and doesn't change the laws to suit his wants and needs. A police chief is supposed to be the epitome of the law and actually care about the citizens of Austin and not just himself and the people who can help him until he's used them up for all their worth and then forget they exist. My 71 year old father who was 100% disabled was beaten to death by a 49 year old man over twice his size with at least four assaults and some with deadly weapons in Green County San Angelo and those responsible just the ones reported. My father was beaten so severely his brain stem broke off, all the bones around his eyes were crushed, his ribs were broken, his nose and several bones in his face were broken he had two defensive stab wounds, one diagonal across his right hand and one on the outside of his right forearm and he literally had holes in his head because the murderer kicked him to death!! Acevado was still so angry about the lawsuit filed by the OCD and Major Narcotics Unit he told the Sergeants and Detectives in the Homicide Unit they were not allowed to speak to my husband or me. That murderer wasn't even arrested and to months later he attacked another man in the exact same spot as he murdered my father. Thankfully this man survived but he almost did not and has permanent internal injuries. I'm sure he would have appreciated it if Acevwdo, who was fully aware of my dads murder would have set his personal vendetta aside and acted like the Chief of Police and let the Homicide Unit arrest that animal before he had the chance to attack him. I absolutely refuse to address Acevado as Chief, he has never acted like one and will break any law he sees fit to suit him. When my father was found the 911 caller told communications he had found a man who "had been shot in the head". Detective Bailey never ever showed up to the crime scene. The officers called him several times but finally gave up and my husband had to leave our family for a little while to go to the Homicide Unit and tell them what had happened, Bailey was never even reprimanded for it. This gave the man time to alter and remove evidence. He then claimed my dad "attacked him with w knife" which couldn't be further then the truth. He lied to the detectives over and over and they caught him everytime and his excuse was "well I was scared". That was his excuse eight times in a row. A witness came forward and actually drove to the police station to speak with the lead detective and gave him a name of an individual who knew exactly what happened but they were told "not to interview him". Yes, my dad got himself into trouble for drinking and driving but he did not deserve to be beaten to death. He had been in a motorcycle accident several years which caused him brain damage which made him a child again. Before he left the house for the last time he said "Rosie since I was a good boy today is it alright if I go have a beer right down the street." My parents had just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary and now she will live with the regret of saying "yes" for the rest of her life. She called Acevado a minimum of 15 time throughout the year and every time she was told "he's in the air rightnow but will call you when he lands". He did not call once. He did everything possible to prevent prosecution of the man who murdered my dad and there are many other proven facts that I am unable to list here because when we get a real police chief there is no doubt that murderer will be prosecuted. I am very sorry to take up so much of your valuable time but after talking with numerous real police chiefs I am sickened by what Acevado has conducted himself. Many officers say he only cares about th high profile cases because they think he thinks if he's on camera enough Steven Speilberg will see him and give him a movie role, unbelievable!! Well my dads case is a high profile case too, he means the world to our family and for Acevado and Troy Gay to treat him as if he's a nobody and just doesn't count is an insult. He died in the worst way possible and Acevado and Gay should be ashamed of themselves!

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Ron DiGiaim 8 months ago

The congestion from Steiner and river place onto 620 and 2222 is huge. Appears to be really city planning in a very high tax bracket.

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People are in mortal danger walking or biking on that road, mostly trying to get to the grocery store from surrounding neighborhoods. Meanwhile, cut through traffic is zooming out of control and there is no way to get to any kind of park or away from cars. It is already in the long range plan but it needs to be moved up to immediately.

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Second-hand smoke is a terrible health risk. Patrons like myself often prefer to sit in outdoor areas but are either forced to deal with smoke or stay inside highly refrigerated establishments. If we have pets with us, indoors is not an option. Even if one buys the premise / economic argument that banning smoking hurts business for bars and cafes, is this how Austin wants to deal with the enormous health risks presented by smoking, and encourage in its citizenry, many of them quite young, the development of lifelong poor habits. In cities such as Boston, Portland, and Ottawa Canada, smoking bans have been extremely effective at raising quality of life. If necessary to compromise, banning smoking at least before nightlife hours, e.g. before 7pm, would go a long way toward protecting patrons like myself and, especially, children. Here are a few articles worth reading : https://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2013/12_0327.htm; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24529192 ; http://www.who.int/fctc/publications/Smoke_free_policies_FINAL_09052014.pdf ; http://austin.eater.com/2016/7/21/12251040/smoke-ban-patios-austin-bars-restaurants ; https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260217578_Systematic_review_and_meta-analysis_of_the_economic_impact_of_smoking_bans_in_restaurants_and_bars ;

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Keep grass, weeds, trees and shrubs trimmed along sidewalks. The city currently does not comply with it's own ordinance (City of Austin Code 10-5, Article 2) requires that grass and weeds be maintained below 12 inches.

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