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This would be both cultivated trees and native wild trees.  We could work with groups like tree folk and urban orchards to find good locations and plant the trees.One prime location for native fruit trees would be all the green areas around the S. Lamar and 360 interchange.  We could plant Mexican Plum, Texas Persimmon, and Escarpment Cherry. 

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Ever picked up someone at Austin ABIA airport? Most people do not want to park their car in the garage and go inside to pick up visiting family/friends/business associates. Most other cities have cell phone lots located near the entrance to the airport where drivers wait until their "cargo" is ready to be picked up. Anyone who has driven through the pick up area only to find their visitors are not quite at the curb at the right time knows what I mean. Austin needs a cell phone lot.

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2nd Street is great but could be truly magnificient if made a pedestrian only street from Congress all the way to the Seaholm Power Plant (once 2nd street is extended all the way through of course). Denver has done this very successfully with the 16th Street mall (see photo) and created a wonderful pedtestrian shopping and dining environment free of cars. Austin has a very unique opportunity to do the same thing!  

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This site gives you no ability to change your vote (if you clicked on something accidentally). I also don't see a help section where I would normally submit these types of requests.

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Many people agree that the city needs a system of single-member districts for electing members of the city council.  The problem with single member districts is that politicians will gerrymander the district boundaries to empower themselves and the special interests that support them.  That is just human nature, and the type of people who become politicians is not going to change.

The only way to prevent gerrymandering is to write a law that makes it impossible.  The district boundaries will have to be determined in a way that cannot be influenced by people.  This could be done with mathematical formulas that divide the city into areas with equal population.  An election to change the city charter would then be required before the formula could be changed.

The obvious problem with using a formula to determine district boundaries is that the boundaries will split neighborhoods and combine areas with competing interests.  In my opinion that would be better than allowing politicians to make those decisions.  It would be no worse than the at-large system we have now.

The only way I could vote for single-member districts is if a formula is used that prevents politicians from influencing the boundaries.  I am afraid that many of the politicians who favor single-member districts at this time would oppose the change if the opportunities for gerrymandering were removed.

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As someone who lives up in Walnut Crossing a good half hour drive from the hazardous waste disposal site, we find our neighborhood reluctant to haul down there for a few batteries or a can of old motor oil.  While we are trying to pool efforts, it would be REALLY HELPFUL if we could have some haz waste drop off points perhaps at fire stations.  All it would need be is a small garden shed where things can accumulate for a couple of weeks and then be delivered to the main facility.  I would volunteer to drive the material, but having a place to accumulate it legally is a bottleneck that only the city can help with.

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Update Austin Bike Share is now open! Austin B-Cycle launched on December 21, 2013 with 11 stations in the Downtown area and will quickly expand to 40 stations by March 1, 2014. Find bike share locations and sign up

A managed bike share system should be an integral part of the transit discussion.  For distances of less than one-mile, these are cost-effective systems of getting urban-Austinites and visitors where they want to get to.  The utility of these systems grows with number of stations.  A large bike sharing network is also a superb recreational and tourist amenity.

Examples in use:
1) BIXI - http://www.bixi.com/the-stations
2) B-Cycle - http://www.bcycle.com
3) Nice Ride - https://www.niceridemn.org 

Targeting the following city departments, and possible stakeholders
1) Austin Transportation Dept
2) Economic Growth & Redevelopment Office
3) CapMetro
4) Austin Chamber of Commerce 
5) Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau

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