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I once worked for a horible internet dot.com and they created a fake employee VM box to send angry customers that no one in the company ever listened to.  I kinda get the feeling that's what this website is for since I see so many great suggestions with no comments from the city.

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The City of Austin should adopt a policy to encourage and possibly incentivize businesses and individuals who paint their roof surfaces white or convert their roof to white roofing materials.  White roof surfaces ward off more of the Sun's heat energy, thus reducing energy consumption for air conditioning.  It would also reduce the urban heat-island effect.  Some studies show that energy costs could be reduced by 20% or more.


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Especially those that have vending machines for their employees. Amazingly, not all recycle, and it all gets thrown away.

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It feels like when we submit ideas on here they just go into the ether. Please explain what the different stages are from idea submission all the way to adoption. Thanks!

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in many intersections around Austin, traffic lights won't change unless a vehicle is detected. Unfortunately, bicycles and scooters are not massive enough to trigger signal changes. I personally experience this every day on my commute: I have to get off my scooter and walk over to the traffic light pole to push the pedestrian's button in order to get the light to change. This is an improper and potentially dangerous action for me to take, but it beats a) waiting for a car to come so the detection happens or b) running a red light.

I know that technology to detect scooters and bicycles exists. Disclaimer: I actually work in the intelligent traffic system industry. I won't disclose my employer so as not to influence any particular purchase.

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I'm a big time motorist but I must agree with the cycling community on this issue. Cars parked in bike lanes should be ticketed and towed. When a car is parked in the bike lane, the cyclist then has to swerve into the vehicle lane. This creats havoc for both cyclist and motorist and is just plain dangerous.

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The Milwood Branch of the Austin Public Library is one of the busiest in the city and is bursting at the seams to accommodate an ever growing population in the area.   It was never built to its planned size and it shows.

However, there is plenty of land for expansion and the city should prioritize the expansion of this branch into a regional hub for the next bond election.  Our part of Austin up north has NO civic space aside from the tiny meeting room at the library, and the creation of full library/cultural center along the lines of the Carver Library is something the residents of our area deserve and have been dreaming about for a decade.  A place we can have candidate forums, art exhibits, and enough room for books and meetings.

The residents are ready to help with planning efforts immediately to get things rolling, we just need the city and the Friends of the Library to get onboard and put this on the bond referendum.

Allow citizens wishing to speak at City Council meetings to sign-up on-line.

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The Domain is part of the North Burnet/Gateway development plan, and as such is governed by a plan that mandates and requires bike and pedestrian access.  So far this has been all lip service and no action.

Three years ago WXNA proposed to The Domain and the COA that an abandoned underpass under Mopac that parallels the train tracks be turned into a bike/ped access point to the Domain.  The COA bike folks embraced the idea, but thus far The Domain has not been forthcoming to develop the pitifully short distance between its fence and the parking lot or to at least remove the fence.

If the management of the Domain can be motivated to do its very small part, and the COA help out with some signage and minor improvements, this access point can be a done deal in months.

Here is a summary of the proposed path (it has a googledoc redirect and loads slow because of images, but lays out the path pretty plainly):



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In a case of left hand knowing what the right hand is doing, the summer Large Brush Collections encourage those who do not know about Oak Wilt to prune trees at the wrong time of year.  It would be helpful in spreading information about Oak Wilt if the notices sent out during beetle season would include a WARNING: PRUNING OAK TREES FROM FEB-JULY CAN RESULT IN OAK WILT INFECTION AND POSSIBLE DEATH OF TREE.  or something like that, and the website address for Oak Wilt information the city maintains.  Thanks for listening.

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