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Do You Live or Work in the Montopolis, E. Riverside or Del Valle area? Help us design the new Montopolis Recreation and Community Center!

You can help by giving us your input on the following:

1. What do you use the current Montopolis Recreation Center for?

2. What would you like to use the Montopolis Recreation for in the future? Give us your wish list!

3. How can the new Montopolis Recreation Center enhance your neighborhood?

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    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. I am resident of Montopolis. I think that we need more programs that support the health and wellness of all of our residents. Namely, physical education, healthy eating, and gardening. Some examples of this are the north Austin YMCA. The City of Austin and the YMCA have done an amazing job of collaborating to improve the Rundberg neighborhood in many ways. I would like to see additional programs that meet a wide range of interests. Programs: Movie nights, video game /computer center, movie making classes/video game design, gardening classes/community garden, indoor soccer gym (the kids play on the old tennis courts right now), soccer field. More Ideas: Additionally I would appreciate having more lockers to put items in, the daily lockers are a great idea. An indoor bike station- with a rack to secure bikes and tools attached to cables (see whole foods for a model). The idea behind an indoor bike station is to provide a safe and secure area for kids and adults to leave their bike and / or do minor repairs in a climate-controlled area.
    Swimming Pool for laps and an outdoor play area. Thank you!

    See Idea title.

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