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Forum: SXSW

We're interested in knowing how things went for you visiting and experiencing Austin during SXSW, and any suggestions you would have for how the City of Austin could improve your experience. 


    During this years SXSW Interactive, many Downtown hotels were used as venues for the panel discussions. The problem was, there was usually no bike parking at these hotels. I suggest requiring SXSW organizers to offer temporary bike parking during SXSW Interactive at every hotel that is hosting an official SXSWi event. 

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    Most people who attend SXSW are within Capital Metro's service area. Having dedicated lanes within Downtown Austin would significantly decrease travel times to SXSW venues. As a pilot program in 2012, the city could use SXSW to implement innovative transportation solutions that could be used year-round. Mode seperation works great on 4th Street (at the Convention Center) and should be slowly implemented throughout Downtown Austin.

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    While Austin has the infrastructure and experience to deal with large public gatherings like SXSW music, the trash strewn about downtown Austin during the interactive conference was gross. Perhaps the foot traffic was unexpected, but setting up additional waste receptacles (temporary would be fine)  in the warehouse district, 2nd street area, and around the Cesar Chavez and Congress would probably be a good idea.

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