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The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department appreciates your ideas about what should be done with the Seaholm Intake Facility located on West Cesar Chavez, across from the Seaholm Power Plant, and it is now time to talk about the top ten ideas! Those ideas can be seen at City Hall until Aug. 2nd, or online at under “Design Idea Competition”. SpeakUp! now and tell us what you think about these top 10 ideas!

    Courtney Courtney about 4 years ago

    Develop a portion of the building into affordable artist studios with areas for public viewing. This supports Austin's local artists and provides an attraction for visitors.

    Like others, I hope that the design will reroute the trail along the water.

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    The Seaholm Intake Facility re-use presents a great opportunity: the design should include a rerouting, or at least a fork/alternative route, hike and bike trail that goes along the river -- in front of the Intake Facility, along the edge of the water, instead of along Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez is a busy street with a lot of cars and air pollution, and it would be so much nicer to have this stretch of the trail run along the water.

    There are lots of great things we can do with this facility. I hope the design includes a trail routed along the water, in front of the facility instead of behind it. (A number of the semifinalist designs include this.)

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    Austin is turning into an eyesore. It is starting to look like Dallas threw up on our city.

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    Imagine a public market, open 7 days a week, right in the core of downtown. Think HOPE Farmers Market meets Pecan Street Festival meets Armadillo Christmas Bazaar meets Gypsy Picnic. (i.e. Grandville Island Public Market in Vancouver)

    -Local Farms would sell in season produce year round. -Artisans would sell crafts, food, baked goods, art, you name it. -Further solidifying Austin's status as the live music capital of the world, local musicians would be scheduled to play throughout the day. -The grounds outside would be scattered with food trucks/trailers/vendors.

    A deck could be built, overlooking Lady Bird Lake, complete with seating to soak in the music while enjoying the food and scenery. Street lights / String lights could light the area surrounding the facility, for revelers to saunter over from downtown eateries, pre- or post-dinner. Easily walkable from downtown as well as a great place to stop and relax/grab a bite, amidst a stroll/run on Lady Bird Lake Trail, it will see it's share of use throughout the entire day. This would become a downtown destination for visitors to Austin and locals alike.

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    James James over 4 years ago

    If there is enough space, it would be great to have an aquarium and civic space at Seaholm.

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    You would walk in and have the choice of seven or more media categories!  Totally interactive and educational.

    These are suggested examples and not meant to be all inclusive.

    1.  MUSIC - Austin music!  Texas Music! A celebration of Willie Nelson's life could anchor the category.  And like the recent display at the Bob Bullock Museum, all the Austin and Texas music could be included: Beyonce to ZZ Top. However this museum would be permanently available to the public and not put away after a brief exhibit.

    2.  FILM - Austin Film history and production! Featuring Robert Rodriguez and the robust Texas film production, as well as significant actors from Dana Andrews to the Wilson brothers...lots to celebrate!

    3.  Broadcasting - celebrating the lives of great Texas broadcasters including Dan Rather, Cactus Pryor and Paul Harvey  Dan Rather has several tributes around the US related to lifetime achievement...wouldn't it be great if he had a true museum display chronicling his life.  There are also broadcast related collections such as Jim Rankin's collection of 600 antique radios and old large Austin neon radio station signs.

    4.  Audio and Video Production - including the non-profit Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording with 160 vintage recorders (including one of the first Ampex 200A tape recorders made in the US) and 100 microphones. MOMSR (Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording) has 20,000 items related to sound recording history including documentation, ads and memorabilia.  MOMSR has been promised the archives of the US Magnecord recording company; the Stephens Electronics and much more. The large ACTV library of music videos produced in Austin is presently in storage and we received an offer that they could be made available in the museum.

    5. Video Game Development - Richard Garriott and all the studios Arkane to Spacetime & more.  Austin has become a significant location for video game development.  Richard Garriott started Origin Systems with his brother Robert and they led the way for on-line interactive games.  What a cool display to have a portion of the museum dedicated to Austin's video game history.

    6. Publishing - J. Frank Dobie, Larry McMurtry, Heloise (Kiah Michelle Cruse) + many more! This area could focus on the incredible Austin and Texas writers and publishers.

    1. Photography - Lawrence T. Jones III, Carlotta Corpron, Erwin E. Smith + many more

    Why is important to create this Multi Media Museum?  There are many significant media related collections that only rarely see the light of day for special showings. This opportunity could provide the perfect "public" permanent home!

    Creating this Multi Media Museum is a current project of the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.

    MISSION: The mission of the Multi Media Museum is to create a permanent public world class museum in Austin, Texas that preserves and celebrates all aspects of media.

    The museum will research, preserve and display documentation and artifacts in the areas of: broadcasting, film, music, photography, publishing, sound recording, video games and video production.

    It is the goal of the museum to provide an interactive, educational resource for those interested in the media and technology. The museum will also strive to provide extensive displays that showcase Austin and Texas, however the content will be international in scope. We envision a world class destination museum.

    About: In working to create a permanent non-profit facility, the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording established a project that is to be inclusive of all types of media. It is our belief that Austin would greatly benefit from a world class media museum. The project goal is to present the history of media in Texas from film and video, music, publishing and video games to broadcasting and recording. While we envision the focus being on the history of the persons who enabled the various types of media and those who implemented and creatively honed all the crafts, it could also include the performing artists and producers. Presently, there is a variety of collections and displays that are available around the state, however many of these only briefly see the light of day, as they are in private homes. We believe that time is of the essence to establish a permanent home for this history and make it a priority to locate and preserve the rich Texas media history. It is our goal to provide a permanent home for the multitude of Texas media collections that may be donated or loaned, so they may always be available to the public.

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    Create a merger of public "Promenade" space with the surrounding park land that features iconic art--much like "The Bean" (Cloudgate), integrated with interactive fitness exhibits; And transform the Intake facility into a Dynamic Innovative TECHNOLOGY museum that changes exhibits throughout the year, featuring Austin's Technology Stakeholders. Accommodating multi-use, public space as well as edutainment.

    See More of My Inspiration Here:

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    Inside: open seating and meet-up areas, a refreshments bar (ideally offering local, healthy and sustainable-food choices), a public deck overlooking the river (Lady Bird Lake), small interactive elements, displays or exhibits showcasing downtown Austin, Town Lake, and/or Colorado River history. Include an indoor/outdoor space to host occasional live music or movies-at-the-park events. Include "airport-size" public restrooms.

    Outside: a walking garden, "demo" food gardens and shaded gathering areas; And a small water-front amphitheatre.

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    Joan Hughes over 4 years ago

    The concrete building is perfectly suited for a garden conservatory for easy watering. The windows bring in ample light. You could model it after gardeconservatories in San Francisco's golden gate park or St. Paul's Como Park. The general public could drop in while walking around the lake to be inspired by nature and the speciality gardens.

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    Idea: A Farm

    Beau Beau over 4 years ago

    Austin's own Whole Food's recently donated $100,000 to FarmedHere, a sustainable indoor farm in Chicago. FarmedHere is now the largest farm of it's kind in the world, some 90,000 square feet of converted warehouse space is estimated to produce 1 million pounds of greens a year.

    Seaholm Intake Facility should be the Seaholm self sustaing farm. We could grow indoors and outdoors in a number of different ways, including vertically. We could raise fresh fish and grow food using self sustaining aquaponic systems for low income school cafeteria's.

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