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The City of Austin is expected to receive funding to address community needs from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in fiscal year 2011-12. Post your ideas to this forum on how Austin should spend limited funds for affordable housing and community development.

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In fiscal 2011-12, the City anticipates potential reductions to federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD). To receive these HUD grants, cities must submit an annual action plan to HUD with community needs, resources, priorities and proposed activities for housing, community development, economic development and public services.

The focus of this forum is to understand your priorities for funding in this area--the areas where you think the Neighborhood Housing and Communtiy Development Office (NHCD) should focus their resources.

For background, see: NHCD Website, Program List, Consolidated Plan Brief, Public Hearing Flyer, Neighborhood Meeting Flyer.

Please vote below for the ideas or areas you would like to see the City of Austin prioritize.

    Stop letting builders build houses where there are no stores, no schools, or shopping within walking distance. This forces people to drive everywhere. If they are going to make money building here let's make them build the infrastructure to support the residents of these new homes. EVERY new subdivision NEEDS to be like the Meuller development. We need to reduce the need for people to use a car to get to work/school/shopping. This will reduce pollution, encourage walking, and reduce traffic too. 

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    Click the green “Vote” box next to this idea to indicate that you would like to prioritize funding for Commercial Revitalization.

    Commercial Revitalization Encompasses: East 11th and 12th Streets Revitalization, Acquisition and Development -Façade Improvement  Program,Historic Preservation, Public Facilities and Parking Facilities. How much should the City prioritize this program area?

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