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Austin Energy owns the site at 6909 Ryan Drive at the northeast corner of Justin Lane and Ryan Drive, just west of the Airport Boulevard and North Lamar Boulevard intersection.

An Austin City Council Resolution (No. 20130117-054) called for looking at redevelopment options and stated, "The City will benefit from having a full dialogue about this tract and its redevelopment potential.”

The site is currently used by Austin Energy for operations and storage. Austin Energy no longer needs to utilize this site for a substation and the future of the property has not been decided.

We want to know what activities members of the community would like to be able to do on the site if the property is repurposed. Please be sincere and speak for yourself about what has personal heart and meaning.

What community values or aspects of our community’s vision do you think should be represented on this site?
What activities do you want to be able to do on this site that will enhance you quality of life and allow you to live, work, and play better?

    I consider a 6909 Ryan Drive a terrible place for a park, and the worst possible place for trails. The section of Lamar between St John's and Koenig has a highly visible transient population. Our neighborhood yahoo group (Brentwood) is often filled with observations and complaints about problems associated with this transient population. Additional public space will make this problem worse, and it would leave us with a park where no one will want to take their children. Nature trails would be even worse, creating an unintended Homeless Campground. Some of these folks obviously need help, but another public space will not reduce their troubles.

    Everyone likes a nice park, but this is a poor location. Instead I favor additional selling the property and returning the funds to city coffers. An additional TOD project would bring a train platform to "our" side of the tracks, and would likely bring more good restaurants and shops to our neighborhood. This would enhance the walkability and convenience of our area.

    I have a kid and two dogs. I would never have guessed that I'd find myself opposed to a new park in my neighborhood. But public space at 6909 Ryan Drive is a non-starter for me.

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    I strongly support the entire tract being developed in parkland/community green space. I work at Midtown Commons and contacted the developers about green space being built as our clients are mostly families with young children. I was disappointed to find out that the developer had no plans for park/playground space. This makes it especially important for the City to step in and make 6909 Ryan into a park. I especially want to see playground equipment that can be used for children with disabilities.

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    If we get the whole tract for a park, we'll have room for the natural world, too. We can develop a landscape that reflects the beauty and diversity of the Blackland Prairie, the ecological sub-region. I would love to see swales of native grasses where excess stormwater collects and is filtered; beds of flowering shrubs and perennials attracting birds and butterflies; an arboretum of native trees. We could have space for community classes in sustainable landscaping, Urban Patchwork Garden Network, native plant gardening. A real park can connect people to nature in a myriad of ways.

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    If this area gets developed as a public park, it should have ammenities that Brentwood Park does not, like a off-leash area for dogs. One of the biggest complaints about Brentwood Park is that parents don't feel safe with their young children playing on the playscape there while dog owners let their dogs (illegally) off-leash in order to play fetch or exercise with other dogs. People used to be able to take their dogs to the reservoir off of Great Northern, but now most of that area is off-limits to dogs or paved. The dog park at Midtown Commons is for residents' use only.

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    From the backside of the future park property, create gated and elevated access to the boarding platform to the commuter rail.

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    As the Justin Lane Lamar TOD, by ordinance, is required to have parkland; and since the developers of Midtown Commons opted to pay a fee-in-lieu instead of developing public green space; and since the city land at 6909 Ryan Drive is the last identified option to create a park for Crestview and the TOD; and since the city's deadline for creating the park was 2012; the city should use all 5.67 acres to create a neighborhood park for Crestview and Crestview Station.

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