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We are looking for your feedback on four redesigns of East Sixth Street.  Speak up, Austin!


    It's not too late to envision this, and it's certainly worth a look:

    From Red River St to Brazos Street, Austin's E.6th Corridor is not only a visitor's and local's hang out, it has become their "scenic route" through Downtown, or at least a "place to see" while driving through.

    Strips like this (world-famous 6th Street) thrive better when "cruising" is encouraged because it increases exposure to the many establishments along the strip, and therefore increases impulse buying/spending when people decide to stop.

    I've drawn up a quick redevelopment rendering that will consist of E.6th between Red River St and Brazos St. and the streets in between.  This plan is designed to do the following:

    - add CBD Real Estate to Downtown Austin, which will increase revenues to our City

    - encourage "crusing" (slower speed limit and wider 2-Lane street that will increase sales) with 15 MPH zone (respectively) during these four blocks

    - increase parking spaces or maintain current number of spaces, rerouted more efficiently to promote a destination of convenience, while also keeping up with traffic flow

    - Improved TAXI and carpool pick-up/drop-off functionality, as well as commercial-delivery

    - improved WIDER pedestrian sidewalk areas for more sustainable sidewalk traffic flow during busier nights or more cafe-style outdoor spaces.


    While Local Austinites use 6th street as a gateway from I-35 to Mopac, they will know to use 8th street from I-35 to Congress Ave if they wish to bypass the four-block 15 MPH zone, even though "crusing" for four blocks isn't that significant of a difference in their commute, and allows them to "take it in" for a couple minutes. 

    While my plan here does call for reducing traffic down to two wide lanes at 15 mph, there will no longer be traffic hold-ups from commercial vehicles, taxis, or people trying to get parking on 6th St.  The two lanes will be constant flow.

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    Robert Robert almost 5 years ago

    I think the design with the widest bike lines would be best.  This would increase bike safety and encourage fewer autos

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    The 6th street entertainment district deserves to become a place that street performers musicians  , cafes , artist can be  seen , if Austin is the musical capital of the world then let's show case the artist's give them a stage that really makes an impact .. Water feature's , a nice touch in the heat of Summer , areas designated for street performer's ( a managment type group could be started to book artists ) ... Outside cafe space ...Close it down to vehicles only foot and bike traffic only .. Gardens , art ... There is alley ways on both sides of these buildings that service vehicles could access , deliveries ... and early morning access for additional vehicle usage as needed in the front area , the design could incorporate the vehicle through way but during peak hours no vehicle ... This is a unique opportunity to attract to our area artists and those that come to see such really giving the 6th street entertainment district an uplift that stands out as a place to come too , who wants to be constantly looking over your shoulder to see if a car is coming , promote the use of our parking garages , give back some space for walking , relaxing and being able to stoll free of vehicles , that one may enjoy the music , etc ... my two cents geoffey 

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    Allows for parking on both sides of the street, reserves minimum 10’ for pedestrians, has no room for sidewalk cafes, minimal room for trees and no bike lane is included.

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    Allows for parking only on the south side of the street, reserves minimum 12’ for pedestrians, has moderate room for sidewalk cafés, no room for trees and a 5’ one-way bike lane is included.


    Allows for parking only on the south side, reserves minimum 10’ for pedestrians, has minimal room for sidewalk cafes, minimal room for trees, no bike lane is included.

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    Allows for limited parking on both sides with breaks in the tree spacings to preserve historic facades, reserves minimum 10’ for pedestrians, has ample room for sidewalk cafes and trees, no bike lane is included.

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