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Forum: Dog Parks

The City of Austin seeks to improve the community environment for people who enjoy outdoor recreation with their dogs.  Today the City has established dog facilities and operates 11 off-leash areas in Austin designated and built specifically for dog owners and their dog to socialize and exercise safely and off-leash. Some of them are hiking trails, some are fenced-in designated dog parks, while others are larger multi-use parks that are simply zoned leash-free areas.

As Austin continues to grow, the City works hard to develop off-leash policies, adopt and improve the existing off-leash areas and create new ones.  The success of this effort in large part depends on community support

So today Austin Parks and Recreation Department is seeking input from dog owners and involved citizens to create a community vision of what a dog-friendly city should be like. Would you like to suggest specific dog park equipment? Are you concerned with safety issues? Do you have other comments or ideas? Speak up, Austin!!

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