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Updates: City Council approved an Extended Hours and Parking Benefit District policy .

Top suggestions and ideas from the most recent Small Business Summit include:

Gondola (as presented at TEDxAustin)

Parking meter fees should fund people-moving solution

Public parking garages

Mass transit – urban rail

We invite you to build upon these ideas and offer new suggestions below keeping in mind that while broad, big-picture solutions are helpful to discuss, we equally value specific, short-term solutions that may address a single issue within this area.

What are your ideas to address parking and transportation concerns in ways that support small business?

    Brad Fregger about 3 years ago

    I'm driving for LYFT in Austin Texas and I'm convinced that we are providing an extremely valuable service. In addition, I teach at Texas State in San Marcos and my wife and I own a small book publishing business.

    I don't drive at night but I often pick up riders in the morning who are going to pick up their cars because they'd had too much to drink. They tell me they no longer try to drive because they know they will get quick, efficient service from LYFT ... Before LYFT the taxi service was extremely unreliable. One lady told me she waited for 2 hours one night a 3am and the cab she ordered never showed. She said LYFT always shows, usually within 5 minutes and never more than 15.

    A blind lady with an 8-year-old daughter told me that taxis won't pick her up at her daughter's grammar school and a woman with cerebral palsy and a service dog told me taxis won't pick her up at the grocery store. A lady rider who works with the deaf and blind told me that LYFT has been a God send for them.

    Additionally, taxis often don't show to pick up my friends and neighbors because we live too far from the center of town.

    These are true stories and speak loudly for these ride-sharing services to be legalized in Austin Texas. If our city counsel really cares about the citizens and guests of our city, they won't don't delay any longer the passing of an ordinance making these services legal.

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    Create remote parking+shuttle service in a non-congested area for people working or bands playing downtown around 6th St, like it's done at the airport: you park far away, but the shuttle brings you and all your stuff up to the terminal, in this case the "terminal" is 6th St. Free up parking spots for people to come spend money on entertainment, while providing relief for the workers making it all happen. Musicians cannot use alternative transit to cars because of the gear they must carry! Pay for it with the money from the meters, don't make workers and musicians pay to come to work. Provide some order to all the loading and unloading of personal vehicles done by musicians. Make it so we don't have to add to the madness down there!

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    Instead of watchng the DWI arrest rate skyrocket while we figure out how to offer more public transit downtown, why doesn't the City team up with the county, local bars, local alcoholic beverage makers, and folks like layers and cab companies, to host quarterly DWI information sessions at a hip venue with a free beer? Right now, the only adult DWI education really offered is expensive, outdated, poorly taught and only really available after you get a ticket and spend thousands of dollars on the legal process. Woudn't it be better to have a city safer from drunk drivers than a populace who thinks the City and county police forces are profiteering from the laws? Keep Austin wierd: educate your grown ups!

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    put the bikes back on the side walk and not on the dam streets come on now roads are for cars and truck not bike, by the way in stores parking lots and other p.parking lots there should be a place for only SUVS and Truck parking only like handy cap parking so cars backing out dose not get hit while trying to leave the space because you can not see around the beds of trucks to get out

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    Sandra Mendoza over 3 years ago

    Anyone drive on 183 by the airport and think "Can we please get an over pass where the airport exit is (going north btw). Too much traffic & not enough room!" Something similar to what we have downtown, you can go over our under. Other ideas for clearing access roads of stop lights and other roads that intersect them is building over them like a bridge. That would be a project to test on Research Blvd.

    -future Austinite