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The Austin City Council wants to know more about what transportation improvements you would want the Council to prioritize.  We all know traffic congestion and other mobility issues, such as gaps in the transportation infrastructure network, are a problem. However, we have so much need and only a finite amount of resources. The City Council would like to better understand what improvements the community wants to see to the mobility network in order to inform potential future funding options and areas of focus.

The input gathered during this initiative will be used to identify community priorities as well as the types of projects and potential investments the City of Austin could pursue. This information will be reported back to the Mobility Committee of the City Council on June 8, at which point the City Council may consider potential funding options for those needs.  

Mobility Talks is just one chapter in our transportation story.  We will also include information collected from earlier public input processes such as the Sidewalk Master Plan, the Austin Metropolitan Area Transportation Plan, Project Connect, MobilityATX, the Bicycle Master Plan, and the neighborhood plans, the specific area plans, and the transportation plans attached to the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan and public involvement data for other local, state and federal transportation planning.

The input collected now will feed into the upcoming Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) update. The ASMP update will involve extensive communication engagement and will guide transportation development and investment for the next 10+ years. 

For more information on this process, visit this page.  You can also join an in-person conversation on this topic in your neighborhood; check the Conversation Corps website for more information. Finally, you can take this survey.

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As you consider your transportation priorities, what can you tell us about how you primarily get around now and how would you prefer to get around?  For example, do you primarily drive alone, take transit, ride a bike, etc., and is that your preferred way to travel?  

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The City has identified some priority categories for transportation improvements.  They are: Manage Congestion, Improve Safety, Improve Connections in My Neighborhood, and Improve Quality of My Streets.  Of these, what would you most like to see the City address with transportation improvements and why?

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Topic: Tradeoffs

As you consider what you would most like to see in the way of mobility improvements, what kinds of tradeoffs would you be willing to accept in turn? For instance, would you be willing to reduce the amount of time you drive alone if you had more options to get to your destination, such as walking, bicycling or taking transit?

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