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UPDATE 11-7-14: The draft agreement and executive summary have been added as backup for your review. Additionally, the draft community engagement plan (should the agreement be approved) is also attached for review.

Staff from the City of Austin’s Park and Recreation Department are working on an agreement with the private company Decker Lake Golf, LLC (DLG) to develop a municipal public golf course at the Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park. Under the agreement, DLG would pay for, develop, and operate two golf courses, as well as construction of a club house with meeting space and other park amenities. The proposal also includes a community short-course learning center focused on youth programming and includes new trails for connectivity. 

If the City Council approves the agreement, the Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park project would align with the Imagine Austin Vision by stimulating economic development in the eastern section of Travis County through job creation, commercial investment, and tourism. The project would offer public access to a golf venue suitable for hosting major golf events. Given the proximity of the proposed course to State Highway 130 and the airport, the development would offers a unique opportunity to host some of the largest golf events in the country.

You can learn more about the project on Monday, November 17 from 4:30 – 7:30 PM at the Morris Williams Golf Course located at 3851 Manor Road (78723). You will be able to see and comment on the DLG proposal, as well as ask questions and share ideas.

For those unable to attend the event, please share your input about this project from now until November 17. For more information, visit Walter E. Long Golf Course website. Speak up, Austin!

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Attachment: Document - Decker Lake Golf, LLC (DLG) Proposal


Decker Lake Golf, LLC (DLG) Proposal for Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park + Golf Course (large file)

Attachment: Document - WEL Golf Draft Agreement

Attachment: Document - Walter E. Long Draft Agreement - Executive Summary

Attachment: Document - Walter E. Long Draft Agreement - Community Engagement Plan


If the agreement is approved, this is the proposed (draft) community engagement plan moving forward. 


Considering the materials presented, what benefits or challenges does the proposed project bring to the City of Austin?

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To what extent could the proposed project add or detract value from the City of Austin?

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How will the development of the land at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park affect you?

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To what degree does this proposed project align with Austin’s environmental, conservation and development efforts? 

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