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Discussion: Violet Crown Trail


The purpose of this forum is to hear your feedback on the recommended Violet Crown Trail (VCT) route.

The project team has selected a recommended route for the portion of the trail from Home Depot Blvd. to the Arbor Trails development. Click here to view a map of the recommended route for this section of the trail. This route takes into consideration previous feedback as well as topographic, water resource, drainage, floodplain, transportation, environmental, wildlife and cultural resources. We are asking you to share additional feedback and comments on the recommended route, as described within the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER).  This report details alternate routes, cost estimates and public input. Click here to view the PER.

We will use this feedback when finalizing the Report and during trail design. Our goal is to provide quality projects that the neighborhood will find useful in their daily lives.

You can also provide feedback at the next VCT public meeting on January 13, 2015 at the Hampton Branch Library. Click here for more information.

 Speak up, Austin!


Share what you think about the location of the recommended route. What do you like about the route and what don't you like? Consider safety, location, convenience and environmental impact. 

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Share any comments or concerns on how the recommended route may impact the nearby community. 

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Share any ideas for improvements to the reccommended route. 

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Share thoughts on the access, convenience and benefits of this trail connection. If you don't see yourself using this connection, why not?

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