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To prepare for the continued and unprecedented growth in the size, scope and frequency of special events, the Austin Center for Events is continuing to seek public feedback as it prepares an improved ordinance for Austin City Council’s review this summer.

The City of Austin wants to know what challenges you're facing when it comes to Special Events Permits and processes, and how we can improve the process. We encourage you to not only attend the community outreach meetings, but also make sure your voice is heard and speak up now!

For more information about the Special Events Community Outreach Meetings, please CLICK HERE.

To review a draft special events permit application, please CLICK HERE.


What ideas do you have for enhancing the public notification system for Special Events applications and permits? How can we better notify the community about permit requests and approvals in your neighborhoods and areas?

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What do you believe needs to be improved about the special events application? Is it vague or overly specific in its requirements?Is it difficult for the average applicant to understand?Is the application not tuned to your event type or needs?Any other problems?

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When a special event permit has been granted, what mobility issues have you faced and how can we improve barricades, detours and signage to better help the community as well as the event hosts and attendees? .

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How can we improve business and neighborhood/park access during special events? Are the events on streets, bridges and parks too frequent?

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When dealing with special event permits, what City of Austin departments do you have the most contact with? Is it more than one department per permit? Do you feel more departments should be involved? Do you have ideas on how to streamline the contact process?

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