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Action Items taken by City Departments: 1.  Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office (EGRSO) will initiate a program in which business owners can qualify for waivers, rebates, or incentives that recognize the value of small businesses in our economy. Qualification for the incentive will be determined based on factors like job creation, expansion, longevity, and impact on the community. Status: EGRSO staff presented recommendations with proposed budget for FY13. Funding not appropriated.
2.   EGRSO is developing a new Entrepreneurial Center. This Center will feature training facilities, conference and meeting rooms, and wireless internet access. As part of the Entrepreneurial Center, EGRSO will establish a small business “Accelerator” to encourage expedited expansion and job creation. Status: EGRSO opened the Entrepreneur Center of Austin in conjunction with a new small business loan to encourage expedited business expansion and job creation.

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Action Items taken by City Departments: 1. Austin Fire Department (AFD) will update forms and checklists with improved content and instructions. This will assist customers with understanding the fire inspection process. Status: Complete.  Customers can access forms online. 2. Implement a corridor preservation and rough proportionality process that will bring determination of transportation private sector costs, and associated requests for participation by the City into alignment with Texas State Law and legally confirm to transportation impact determinations. Status: Complete. A rough proportionality plan was presented and adopted by City Council and Travis County Commissioners. Implementation is  ongoing. 3. The current inspection process for abandoning existing septic tanks and connecting to the centralized collection wastewater system requires multiple requests by the customer. Austin Water Utility will collaborate with Planning, Development and Review Department (PDRD) and Communications and Telephone Management Department (CTM) to add the capability to schedule the sewer yard line, sewer trap and tank abandonment inspection through the City’s internal automated permitting and review process. Status: Partially complete. Scheduling of sewer yard line and sewer tap inspections have been added to the city’s automated permitting and review process. Tank abandonment inspections will soon be added. Austin Water Utility is working with CTM on further changes to automate and expedite inspections.

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