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The purpose of this discussion is to solicit input on how best to involve the public in the sale of city owned property. As you can see from this City Council resolution, the Austin City Council wants input from the public on "an enhanced review process for potential real estate sales of City-owned land that includes outreach with the community and consideration of all relevant city plans and policies, from small area plans to the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan."

Here is additional background for you on how the City of Austin and other cities manage these transactions. 

So, we'd like to know from you how you think the public should be involved in real estate transactions involving City-owned property:

  • When should the public be involved?
  • Which transactions should involve the public?
  • What kind of involvement should the public have?

Speak up, Austin!


What is the most meaningful and appropriate way for the public to participate in real estate transactions involving City of Austin property that considers all relevant city plans and policies, including small area plans and the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan?

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As you review the policies and practices that are used by other cities or municipalities during the sale of government-owned facilities and land, which of these policies and practices do you think would work best in Austin?

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What aspects of the process need to be overseen exclusively by either City staff or the City Council ? 

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