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The Ethics Review Commission wants to hear your thoughts on some proposed changes to the rules governing lobbyists at City Hall.  Their proposals cover a range of subjects, including:

  • Criteria for who should quality as a lobbyist
  • What a lobbyist should disclose when registering
  • How the City should oversee lobbyists

The proposed changes are included here.  Speak up, Austin!

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Attachment: Document - Ethics Review Commission Proposals


Here's a full rundown of the proposals for your review.


What criteria should apply to classifying someone as a lobbyist who must register with the City?  For instance, should it apply to someone compensated for work done to influence public policy, or should it also apply to unpaid advocates?  Should it be only for people who communicate directly with high ranking City officials, or should it also apply to people who communicate with any City staff member, including lower level employees, or even communication with City contractors, agents, or other representatives?  Should it only apply to people who are trying to influence a City official or employee with regard to a matter over which the official or employee exercises discretionary power?

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What should a registered lobbyist be required to disclose to the public as part of the registration process?  For instance, the amounts they are paid, the specific matters they are lobbying on, details of their expenditures, or the names and pay of the persons assisting them, etc.  When a lobbyist approaches a City official or employee, should the lobbyist be required to identify himself/herself as a registered lobbyist and state what clients the lobbyist is representing?

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What level of oversight should the City exercise with regard to compliance and enforcement of lobbyist regulations?  For example, should the City periodically review or audit lobbying registrations and activity reports?  Should lobbyists who violate the regulations be subject to criminal prosecution?  What about civil fines?

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