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Discussion: Plastic Bags

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The Austin City Council recently approved a resolution directing the City Manager to develop a city ordinance providing a comprehensive phase-out of single-use plastic bags offered at retail checkouts within the city limits.  This follows a staff analysis of the cost to taxpayers for processing plastic bags.  Speak up, Austin! Which bags should an ordinance cover?  Which distributors of bags (grocery stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.) should be required to follow the ordinance?  Answer below and complete this poll! Thank you for the input you have given us on this topic; City staff are now drafting the ordinance.  The Solid Waste Advisory Commission will discuss the ordinance Wednesday, November 9th, at 6:30pm, in City Council Chambers (301 West 2nd Street). 

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To what extent should the ordinance involve a direct ban on plastic bags, a fee for using or distributing plastic bags, and/or a rebate for other kinds of activities (use of reusable bags, etc.)? Answer below and complete this poll!

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Topic: Other Bags

How should the ordinance treat paper and reusable bags?  Answer below and complete this poll!

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How should the City enforce the ordinance?  What schedule should be used for implementation (i.e., the ordinance would take affect a certain time period after passage)?

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What consequences could result from the banning of plastic bags at checkout lanes, and how should the City of Austin mitigate those consequences?

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How should the City address the socio-economic impact of requiring checkout bags other than plastic bags? 

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