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The Onion Creek Metropolitan Park is a 555-acre regional park located in southeast Travis County, just south of Onion Creek. The land – flat, wooded and pond-filled – is undeveloped and used by area residents. The Onion Creek Greenbelt is north of the creek. Onion Creek travels approximately 79 miles.

The entire Austin community is asked to help identify a vision for the types of activities and improvements for the Onion Creek Metro Park and Greenbelt Corridor.

What is your vision for Onion Creek Metro Park? You can help by giving us your input on the following topics:


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Please rank the list below, with 6 being the most important and 1 the least important

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Access to “natural” open spaces

  • Community connections

  • Regional park and trail connections

  • Cultural based programs

  • Educational opportunities

7 Responses