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The City, Capital Metro, and Austin Independent School District are excited to partner with MobilityATX in June to bring conversations about transportation solutions to all areas of town. By joining with MobilityATX for this conversation topic, we’re able to increase the number of decision makers that will be listening to the voices of the community. The specific focus for our conversations will be about individual behavior and personal responsibility about our travel behaviors.  

You can contribute to the conversation here, via, or by attending a face-to-face conversation in your part of Austin.  You can find conversation locations at the Conversation Corps website.  

Speak up, Austin!


What role do we each play in our region’s congestion issues and how can we be a part of the solution?

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What barriers exist for you in changing your mobility habits?

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Nearly every possible solution to our mobility challenges involves some form of a "trade off."  For instance, in order to build high capacity transit infrastructure throughout Central Texas, (such as additional commuter rail, urban rail, or MetroRapid dedicated lanes) the tradeoff could come at cost in the form of a short-term increase in taxes.

 In some cases, more transit priority lanes could mean reducing the number of single occupancy vehicle lanes in certain, major corridors.  

You can’t always build a new road- either the City doesn’t own the land, or can’t get the land. So when we change the use of a lane- from a car lane to a bus lane, or create fewer lanes in order to add a bike lane- there are tradeoffs. Here are some examples: changing a 4 lane road to a 3 lane road with a bicycle lane and sidewalks; change a 4 lane road to a 3 lane road with a bus only lane and sidewalks; or limit left hand turns to improve traffic flow (the tradeoff is for those who instead of turning left will spend an extra minute turning right to circle the block).

What mobility tradeoffs are you willing to make? 

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