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Discussion: Lake Austin


The Lake Austin Task Force was appointed by the Austin City Council and is asking the public to weigh in on environmental, water quality, lake use, development, and other issues affecting Lake Austin. Watch the video of a public hearing on Monday, October 22nd.

The task force would also like to hear from you here. Please post responses to any of the questions below. Speak Up Austin!

For more information on the Lake Austin Task Force, visit


Topic: Environment

What are some of the environmental issues and challenges facing the Lake Austin area that require immediate action?

13 Responses
Topic: Development

How does development in the Lake Austin watershed, such as homes, businesses, docks, marinas, and other public facilities impact the lake?

8 Responses

How can the processes, policies and coordination between entities with jurisdiction over Lake Austin, like the city, the Lower Colorado River Authority, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department be improved?

7 Responses

What are some of the most pressing issues regarding recreational, commercial, and private uses of Lake Austin?

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