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As our city continues to see rapid population growth, various factors influence our ability to access all areas of town. From transit to parking, our region faces many challenges. This month, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) and Capital Metro are seeking input to help inform decisions that will address some of these transportation obstacles.
As Capital Metro updates its Service Plan to better meet the needs of the community and ATD addresses parking capacity through rate increases, both agencies recognize the interrelatedness of these issues and the value in discussing them together. With this in mind, we want to hear your thoughts on both transit services and parking as they relate to your ability to get to the areas of town that you want to go.
If you would like to take part in an in-person conversation in your area on this topic, please visit Conversation Corps for a list of times and venues.  
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What makes it easy or difficult to get to the areas of town that you want to go?

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For what purposes do you or would you like to use public transportation? What would encourage you to try using it or use it more often?

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Topic: Parking
  • Do you believe your area of town (or areas of town you want to go) has enough on-street parking? If not, where is more needed?
  • When, where and how much are you willing to pay for parking?
  • As a way to provide more customer parking and to create more turnover, do you think that the City of Austin should start charging for parking in the downtown district on Wednesday evenings?
  • What other strategies should the City employ to create more parking opportunities?
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