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The Austin City Council is exploring a new policy that could require employers across the city to postpone questions about an applicant's criminal background until that applicant is identified as a top candidate--among other possible changes to the review of job applications from formerly incarcerated individuals.  You can read more about such policies around the country here.

We want your input on how such a policy could work here.  Speak up, Austin!

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Attachment: Document - Austin City Council Resolution


Here is the City Council Resolution which directed the City Manager to examine hiring policies and draft one for the Council's review.  

Attachment: Document - Research on Hiring Policies


Topic: Applicability

If businesses were required to delay criminal background checks until later in the hiring process, which businesses should that policy apply to? For example, businesses with more than 10 employees or certain types of businesses or jobs, etc.

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Topic: Enforcement

How might such a policy be enforced?  In what ways could the City ensure that businesses were complying, and what would happen to a business if they were found to have violated the hiring policy?

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What should we take into account when implementing such policies? For example, to what extent should we give businesses time to change their hiring practices before they go into effect (e.g., immediately, within three months, within six months, within a year, etc.)

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