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Discussion: Expedited Permitting


The Development Services Department (DSD) is proposing a new, voluntary program that accelerates the building plan review and permit process. The Expedited Permitting program involves a single review session with a consolidated team of plan reviewers representing all the required disciplines. Through Expedited Permitting, customers will experience a quality review with a reduced wait time plus certainty of when plans will be reviewed.

DSD is drafting program guidelines for the proposed Expedited Permitting Program. The guidelines will outline the requirements and process for participating in the program. Your feedback is requested and will help inform the drafting of program guidelines.

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Attachment: Document - Expedited Permitting Draft Program Guidelines


This document is a DRAFT of the guidelines and process for the City of Austin Expedited Permitting Program. We are open for comments on this draft until October 12, 2016.

Attachment: Document - Council Resolution on Expedited Permitting


City Council Resolution No. 20160901-029 was approved on September 1, 2016. The resolution requires that expedited permit review include worker protection standards for non-residential projects. 

Attachment: Document - DSD Building Plan Review Data


This spreadsheet captures data on building plan review projects DSD reviewed over Fiscal Year 2015 . 

Criteria behind this dataset:

  • Does not include “Express”
  • Does include “Quick Turnaround”
  • Does not include total demolitions or relocations

You may also view this data on the City of Austin Open Data portal.







A draft of the Expedited Permitting Guidelines was presented at a stakeholder meeting on October 5, 2016. We are still accepting comments on the draft that is attached to this disucssion, until October 12, 2016. Please share your feedback on any aspect of the guidelines by the deadline.

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Austin City Council directed DSD to develop program guidelines that establish the scope, scale and type of projects where worker protection standards will apply. Tell us where you think standards should apply. Should it be based on, for example, the total square footage or total valuation of a project? Should any projects be exempt from worker protection standards?

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The Expedited Permitting program offers a decreased length of plan review time, increased predictability, reduced value of money costs and reduced consultant costs. What other benefits should Expedited Permitting offer?

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The proposed fees for Expediting Permitting are as follows:

  • Commercial Projects--$160-$200 per hour, per review discipline
        A maximum of seven review disciplines are required for commercial project
        Applicants will only pay for the plan review disciplines required for the specific application
  • Residential Projects--$160-$200 per hour, per review discipline
        A maximum of four review disciplines are required for residential project
        Applicants will only pay for the plan review disciplines required for the specific application

What do you think of the proposed fees?

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An agreement between the City of Austin and the Applicant must be signed stating worker protection requirements will be met. If the Applicant does not meet the requirements, what is the penalty? What are your ideas for enforcing compliance with the Worker Protection Standards?

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Which documents should be required in advance of the single review session to achieve a successful outcome?

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