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The City of Austin's Parkland Events Task Force has developed a list of draft recommendations for how to balance the use of Austin's parkland for special events with the use of Austin's parkland for activities like sports, picnics, and other forms of recreation.  Now, they want your feedback before they deliver their recommendations to the City Council.  Do their recommendations help respond to the challenges and opportunities associated with using Austin's parkland for events?  Do any of the recommendations have unintended consequences and, if so, what are they?  Has the Task Force missed something important that they need to address?

Speak up, Austin!

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How well do the recommendations address challenges and opportunities associated with events on Austin's parkland?

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To what extent do any of the Task Force's recommendations create unintended consequences for special events or Austin's parkland that you think should be rethought?  

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What has the Task Force NOT addressed that it needs to before finalizing its report?  

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