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The Ethics Review Commission seeks public input about City regulations limiting contributions and expenditures in mayoral and City Council campaigns.

The campaign finance limits apply to candidates who sign a campaign contract with the City. Candidates who sign the contract agree to participate in forums arranged by the Ethics Review Commission and also become eligible for possible disbursements from the Austin Fair Campaign Finance Fund.

Mayoral candidates currently may not get more than $24,000 in contributions from political committees during a general election with an additional $16,000 allowed for a runoff.  For Council races, the limits are $15,000 with an additional $10,000.

The current limit for expenditures during the general election campaign is $120,000 in a mayoral race with an additional $80,000 in a runoff election or $75,000 for a Council race with an additional $50,000 in a runoff.

Additionally, a candidate for Mayor or City Council may spend personal funds on his or her own campaign up to five percent of the expenditure limits.

The ERC will also take input on other provisions of the City Code Chapter 2-2 as well as limits in Article III Section 8 which outlines City Charter campaign limits. View Article III of the Charter on the attachment or here.

The complete provisions are outlined in the City Code Title 2, Chapter 2-2. The code can be found, here.

About ERC:

The Ethics Revision Commission is a seven-member board appointed by the Austin City Council. Its responsibilities include ruling on alleged violations of the City's rules regarding ethics and financial disclosure, conflicts of interest, lobbyists, campaign finance, contribution limits and expenditures.

The duties and responsibilities are established by Chapter 2-2 (Campaign Finance) and Chapter 2-7 (Ethics and Financial Disclosure) of the City Code.


Do you have any suggestions for changes to these regulations?

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Do you agree or disagree with the maximum contribution amounts allowed under current regulations? Tell us why.

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