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The purpose of this forum is to receive community feedback on the Shoal Creek Trail from Fifth to 15th streets. It's a potentially 0.8-mile-long urban trail with stream improvements. We're studying the possibility of a 12-foot wide path and how the path would link to the on-street bicycle and sidewalk network; include amenities and unique features; create a safe, context-sensitive, environmentally sustainable destination, and preserve and improve wildlife habitat.


Watch the August 17th public meeting 

View the presentation from the public meeting


View trail renderings. 


Speak up, Austin!

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Topic: Usability

What would make you use this trail?  What might keep you from using it?  

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Topic: Route

What are your thoughts on the proposed route for the trail?  

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What features and amenities would you like to see on this trail? What is your opinion of the presented features (shade structures, landscaping)?


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How would this trail affect you, your family, your neighborhood or your business?

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What else are we missing? What are your priorities for creating a safe, accessible trail system along Shoal Creek from Fifth to 15th streets that connects people to places and the nature surrounding them?

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