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Click here for the newest CodeNEXT prescription paper (Fiscal Health).

 Click here for the first CodeNEXT prescription paper.  

Click here for the second CodeNEXT prescription paper.  

Click here for the third CodeNEXT prescription paper (Mobility).

As part of the Imagine Austin project to modernize Austin’s outdated land development code, the City of Austin’s CodeNEXT team is publishing four “prescriptions” for issues that impact everyone in Austin – affordability, mobility, fiscal health, and how we manage our growth while keeping Austin’s character. 

CodeNEXT is not a magic bullet for Austin’s problems but it is powerful in determining the form, feel and function of our city by determining what can be built in Austin, along with where and how much. In advance of public review of the entire code in 2017, the CodeNEXT team is previewing how the new code will address these critical topics.

The 4-part series of Code Prescriptions kicks off with managing growth while keeping Austin’s character. What’s the next Austin? We invite you to tell us what you think.  

Speak up, Austin!

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Here's Code Prescription #1. How might the new land development code manage our growth while keeping Austin’s character?

What should the City allow, encourage or prohibit? What trade-offs are acceptable or unacceptable?

What are some additional recommendations, not included in this Code Prescription, that would help preserve, protect and enhance the City’s natural and built environment?


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Here is Code Prescription #2.  Affordability affects everyone directly or indirectly, including seniors, those on a fixed income or in the low and middle income brackets, musicians and artists, service workers, and families with children.  Read more in the attached prescription paper and let us know your thoughts about the proposed revisions to the City's Land Development Code.

Speak up, Austin!

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Transportation plays a central role in the daily lives of Austinites and has implications for how we travel, where and what we build, and where we live, work, shop, and play. This Code Prescription examines the transportation challenges Austin faces and the opportunities to address them through the Land Development Code. The CodeNEXT team has looked at some of the ways transportation affects Austinites—the transformation of an auto centric city to a multi-modal region; mitigating the effects of congestion; parking; affordability; cost of growth; and safety—but we want to hear from you! What are some of the tradeoffs you’d be willing to make to improve issues such as congestion, affordability, or safety?

Read the paper here and give us your thoughts!  Speak up, Austin!

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Infrastructure is as vital to a city’s health as the people who live, work, and play within it. Ensuring that this infrastructure is properly funded, built, and maintained is one of a city’s most important duties. A revised Land Development Code can better ensure that Austin grows sustainably and provides for all of its residents now and far into the future.



Speak up, Austin!

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