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CodeNEXT is the new City of Austin initiative to revise the Land Development Code, which determines how land can be used throughout the city – including what can be built, where it can be built, and how much can (and cannot) be built.

The process is a collaboration between Austin’s residents, business community, and civic institutions to align our land use standards and regulations with what is important to the community.

This initiative to revise the Land Development Code is a priority program out of Imagine Austin, our plan for the future adopted by City Council in 2012.

The Code Advisory Group initiated a series of working groups to dig deeper into concepts directly linked to revising and improving Austin's land development code. These working groups, honoring the inherent conflicts and spending some time exploring trade-offs and choices, will explore three core areas over the next few months:

  1. code issues related to affordability
  2. infill, compatibility and missing middle housing
  3. obstacles to small businesses

Each group will examine best practices as well as offer suggestions to the consulting team as it works toward drafting a new code. Participants will include members of the CAG and various City boards and commissions, as well as teams implementingImagine Austin

Working groups will meet from late January to March 2015. All of the meetings are open to the public, and opportunities for public comments will be provided. Materials for the CAG working groups are located on our bloomfire site.  For more on the process, click on the Working Group Adventure (process diagram).

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What existing tools to encourage affordability can be maintained or improved?


What other zoning tools to encourage affordability should be considered?

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What existing tools for handling transitions between single-family and non-single-family uses can be maintained or improved?

What other tools can help integrate new development into existing neighborhoods?



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What are the key barriers in the code for creation, expansion, and conversion of buildings for small businesses?

How can these barriers be addressed in the code?

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