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We want your input! The CodeNEXT Team partnered with the Innovation Office to create a productive and effective process for working groups led by the Code Advisory Group.

The groups held a handful of meetings open to the public on the following topics. See the adventure visualized or follow along.

  • code-related obstacles to affordability
  • infill, compatibility and missing middle
  • obstacles to small businesses

Learn what was discussed at orientation and each meeting below, and share your thoughts.


High/Low Impact: We started with the adopted Imagine Austin plan for Austin's future, and learned about actions in Imagine Austin related to implementation and respective working group topic. Working group members voted to prioritize actions based on potential for the highest impact related to working group topic. 

This first step led groups to form "how might we" statements. Here's some of the insights the groups came up with:


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Current Code and Barriers: We looked at how our current code addresses issues related to prioritized Imagine Austin actions from meeting #1, and how current regulations may be creating unintended barriers to achieving goals designated in Imagine Austin. 

Having an understanding of where our current code may not be achieving desired outcomes illustrated in Imagine Austin, participants generated statements beginning with “how might we…”  as a way to rethink difficult questions as opportunities.

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Best Practices: Participants heard presentations on best practices to inspire and identify ideas that have been used around the nation to address concepts and challenges brought to light in the list of "how might we" statements.

Groups continued to diverge on ideas regarding best practices and ideas potentially applicable to Austin. Having this groundwork laid, working group members then prioritized the list of "how might we..." statements. Here's some of their insights and best practices:

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Potential Tools: Working group members discussed and connected best practices to relevant "how might we" statements. These connections were made to show CodeNEXT consultants an example of how challenges have been addressed elsewhere.

Exposure to different solutions leads to innovation and the opportunity for education and formulation of new solutions to similar challenges. Working groups also identified ideas, insights, and further questions regarding these connections:

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Recommend Tools: Working group members and public participants continued and wrapped up discussion from the previous meeting. Participants identified ideas, insights and any further questions that they had for "how might we" statements and best practice connections, as well as created lists of suggested best practices not mentioned or discussed, and statements that were still important but had not heard a best practice on.

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Did we miss an important challenge? Is there a best practice you know of that was not mentioned? Share your comments and suggestions!

These results will be brought back to the full Code Advisory Group and be incorporated with final recommendations provided to the consultant team re-writing the code.

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