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The City of Austin's Parkland Events Task Force has been reviewing the use of City parks for events like the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, the Trail of Lights, and so on, and they have discovered some parkland that are not typically used for events but could accommodate events in the future.  We'd like your feedback on these locations as to how suitable they might be for events, and what considerations the City should have in potentially permitting events there (what type of event, how long, etc.). 

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The City of Austin owns 1,872 acres of parkland known as Walter E Long Metro Park. The park is designated as a Metro Park and serves the entire city. The park is managed by the City. The Travis County Expo Center is a multi-purpose facility on 128 acres of this parkland, and is managed by Travis County.  The City acquired the parkland in 1965. A master plan was completed in 1966 (updated in 1978). Components of the master plan that have been implemented include boat ramps, fishing piers and picnic areas.  The Southwest portion of the park adjacent to the Expo Center has never been developed. The Expo Center was built in 1983 to host livestock exhibitions, equestrian shows, rodeos, and other recreational, education, cultural, and historic events. The Expo Center is the current home of the Austin Rodeo, as well as a wide variety of community events and trade shows. 

How viable is Walter E. Long Park as an events venue?  Speak up, Austin!

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John Trevino Jr. Park spans around 320 acres in Southeast Austin off MLK Blvd. (FM 969) between U.S. Highway 183 and State Highway 130.  A portion of the property is currently leased out, but it is City-owned parkland that has not been fully developed.  It is also not currently open for public use.

How viable is this park as a host for special events?  Speak up, Austin!

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The City recently acquired land just off of U.S. Highway 183 near Leavander Loop that could be used for public events.  

How viable is this location for accommodating events?  Speak up, Austin!

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The Onion Creek Metropolitan Park is a 555-acre regional park located in southeast Travis County, just south of Onion Creek. The land – flat, woody and pond-filled – is undeveloped and used by area residents. The Onion Creek Greenbelt is north of the creek. Onion Creek travels approximately 79 miles.

The regional park may include improvements to open space and the creek, making them more accessible to the public. Also being considered are safe, accessible trails for walking, running, or biking; dog park; equestrian activities; ball fields; and areas in the park for gatherings. New facilities for recreation or multi-entertainment, exercise and education are being contemplated as part of the vision for the park.

This park was on the Parkland Events Task Force's "short list," but it has not yet decided to take action on Onion Creek Park at this time.

How well can this park accommodate events?  Speak up, Austin!

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