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This initial conceptual design plan embodies the spirit of imaginative play and celebrates Ausitn's love of its natural outdoor environments.  The design is based on several key objectives, including extension of play, activities for all ages and being inclusive to all, as well as the primary concerns and desires voiced in the first public engagement meeting and the public survey, which included:

  • Shade is essential
  • Experiential play is a must
  • Provide swings
  • Provide berm slides
  • Use materials reflecting Austin's natural environment
  • Create a cultural park
  • Balance natural and synthetic materials
  • Create a visually striking park

We are continuing to refine the garden design, based on comments from the second public engagement meeting, as well as the survey, as this project's design phase continues.  Please review the Conceptual Plan, and tell us your thoughts!

For more information:

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Attachment: Document - Conceptual Site Plan


Topic: Variety

Does this design offer a variety of play opportunities for children and families of all ages?

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Topic: Abundance

Are there enough different play areas and experiences in this plan?

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Topic: Key Elements

Are there any elements missing from this plan?

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