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Metered Ramps Needed on MoPac Expressway Default_avatar Posted by Marina hench on 2014-11-14 08:10:51 -0600
Prioritize the crime response by law enforcement. Violent crime involving victims should have a special unit that is dispatch only and the highest priority of law enforcement. The violent crime unit should be the main focus at the APD and funding should be available to ensure the manpower needed to get our response times down. Non-violent crimes involving victims should take second priority. This would include cyber crime and cyber stalking, theft, vandalizing, ect...and would have the funding to offer a competitive salary to the cyber detectives (we are in desperate need of more cyber detectives in Austin) in order to obtain educated computer forensics officers who stay current with technology and intrusive hackers. Victimless crimes such as traffic violations, drug possession, public intox, ect...would have field officers that had years of experience and the earned trust of the community to enforce the law on the streets without discrimination, judgement, or politics dictating their behavior. These officers would take an oath to put the safety and well-being of the community above anything else, including their own agency (APD). The fourth group would be an unarmed response team to serve as witnesses and/or mediators for civil and domestic disputes. Their main goal is to witness or offer negotiation assistance in order to resolve disagreements within the community. This would hopefully reduce the amount of cases in our county court so cases involving victims could be addressed promptly and carefully. To be the best community in the country to live, the people must feel safe and protected. In the unfortunate event that this is compromised, confidence that justice will be served is integral. Police aid in serving this justice by collecting any information needed for proof. Lie detector tests would be of great service to help filter out anyone wrongly accused. The amount of time and money spent on investigating could be saved and used on salaries. Default_avatar Posted by Sarah Hicks on 2014-10-21 05:23:40 -0500